Suited Cards in Poker: meaning and what they are

The so-called ” suited cards ” are one of the best strategies (at least initially) when it comes to a hand of poker, even within online casinos. But what are they? How can they be used to get the better of the bank? We explain it to you in this short guide.

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Suited Cards in poker: meaning

The term ” suited cards ” can be translated into Italian with the lemma “cards of the same suit”, as the Anglo-Saxon word ” suit ” assumes among the various possible meanings also that of ” suit of playing cards “.

Specifically in a game of poker, suited cards are the first two cards dealt by the dealer, naturally with the same suit (for example 4 and 8 of spades). In this circumstance we speak of suited connectors to indicate the fact that they are consecutive, but it is not a necessary condition.

The odds of being in a suited card scenario are 24%.

Suited Cards Strategy

When a player finds malaysia casino online himself in a suited card situation , an advantageous scenario tends to open up for him. But that’s not always the case.

The closest goal is that of the flush, reachable at best with three more cards. Where is the deception? In believing that they are really favorites over the competition.

It is the statistics that testify to the minimal increase in possibilities. With a pair of suited cards in particular, the chances of hitting the flush increase very little, even in the hypothesis of a flush (five cards of the same suit) where it reaches 6%. A trifle.

And the discussion doesn’t move much in case of suited connectors . The percentages of increase vary from 0.01% to get to poker up to 2% relative to two pair.

Having consolidated the reasoning according to which suited cards (and consequently also suited connectors) represent a potentially very often apparent, the best strategy is to be careful, avoiding being overwhelmed by enthusiasm and euphoria. Because the risk of seeing a reversal of the situation on the table can be very high.

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