The Sklansky table is a method for playing poker, in the Texas Hold’em version that you find in numerous online casinos, through which the way to behave on the first round of betting (the so-called pre-flop) is indicated based on the two cards that are received and the position at the table.

Sklansky table: the origins

David Sklansky is one of the world’s leading Texas Hold’em experts, analyzing the game from a mathematical point of view and proposing a method, his famous table, to decide how to behave based on the two personal cards.

What does the Sklansky table consist of?

In his table are then inserted all the theoretically possible combinations of two starting cards, assigning each pair a group to which they belong (in total there are 8 groups, sorted from best to worst, in total 72 starting hands). If your combination is not part of any group, it is better not to play the hand and fold. The Sklansky table is therefore not only theory, but proposes operational indications for each of the possible 1326 combinations of 2 cards drawn from a deck of 52.

The principle of the Sklansky table

Its founding principle is that this pair according to Sklansky has a different value than the position we occupy in the table. In essence, it is a useful guide for beginners, but not to be taken too literally since it does not take into account the psychology of the players and the raises of others. It is certainly a basis on which to think, following the 80’s philosophy of its creator: “Whenever you play a hand differently from how you would have played it if you could have seen all your opponents’ cards, they win; and every time you play your hand the same way you would have played if you could have seen all their cards, they lose ”. Simple, isn’t it?

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